Eyelash Extensions FAQ

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions add fullness to your existing eyelashes by lash artists applying individual synthetic eyelashes to each natural lash. Not only will your lashes look fuller, but will have added length. Our experts lash artists ensure each lash extension is curved to replicate your natural eyelash.

What are the benefits of eyelash extensions?

  • Look and feel amazing all day long
  • Lengthens natural eyelashes
  • Creates fuller looking eyelashes
  • Darkens naturally light colored lashes
  • Creates an amazing new look with highlighting and layering
  • Creates a younger, youthful appearance
  • Appearance of a brighter, more open, and rested eye
  • Added curl, flexible and crimp resistant
  • Helps save lots of time with a beauty routine including …
    1. Spending much less time with makeup.
    2. Mascara is no longer necessary.
    3. Application and removal of eye makeup is unnecessary.
    4. No more stained tears or mascara raccoon masks.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Touch ups / fills on your lash extensions are usually needed between 2 and 4 weeks. However, when properly applied and cared for, some lashes can last up to 2 months. Each person has a different lash cycle. Natural lashes will fall out and be replaced every 60 to 90 days. So depending on where each of your lashes are in this cycle, your eyelash extension will fall out accordingly. When properly touched up and maintained, the full volume, length, and beauty of your lashes will be constant.

What do lash extensions look like?

Check out the ACADEMIC Instagram account for more before and after images.

What do lash extensions feel like?

Since each service is customized to the individual, your lash extensions will feel completely natural. They will move with your natural eyelashes seamlessly since they are attached to each individual natural lash and are the size and weight of natural lashes.

How much do lash extensions cost and why are some places more expensive than others?

Our eyelash extension prices are below.
See our Eyelash Extension Services page for more detail …

  • Full Set: $250
  • 3 Week Fill: $100
  • 2 Week Fill: $75
  • Lash Lift: $75

Some lash artists will charge very little for their services. Be very cautious of these artists. They may apply very cheap products with bad technique that may damage your natural lashes. Additionally, this can cause irritation or damage to the eye. These lashes may also not be applied to each individual lash, but instead quickly layered on top of your natural lashes producing a very unnatural look.

How long does each lash service take?

Here is how long each of our lash services generally take …

  • Full Set of Lash Extensions: 120 to 150 minutes.
  • Lash Extensions touch-ups / fills: 45 to 75 minutes.
  • Lash Lift: 45 to 75 minutes

Can you describe the lash application process?

Please see the Xtreme eyelash video above.

Can I apply my own eyelash extensions?

We highly recommend against anyone applying their own eyelash extensions. At ACADEMIC lash & beauty, each lash artists has hundreds of hours of training and state licensed by the board of cosmetology. If applied incorrectly by either an untrained lash artists or by the individual, this can result in eye injury, lash damage or extremely unnatural looking lashes.

Do you have other locations besides your West Des Moines lash studio?

We are in the process of opening a large ground level retail studio in West Glen, West Des Moines. We will also be opening a location in Ankeny, IA shortly. View our locations page for more info.